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Enforcer is a specialised "Feature Driven" MDL application that enables MicroStation users to Draw, Check, Correct, Convert and View design features within a project or corporate drafting standard. There are five main areas of functionality in Enforcer:

  1. Feature oriented menuing system driven by user-defined control files, that incorporate smart features for increased productivity when constructing a design file.
  2. Feature Viewing and Plotting.
  3. Design File Analysis against a corporate standard, plus the ability to correct design elements graphically if they don’t meet the corporate standard.
  4. Design File Correction/Conversion. The ability to convert the element symbology of a design file to another nominated symbology standard, plus the ability to selectively extract (and optionally change the symbology of) elements in a design file.
  5. Control File Creation and Maintenance. Control files that contain the feature definitions and determine how the design file analysis is performed, can be created and maintained using a sophisticated GUI editor.

Enforcer  is employed by a large range of users – Local and State Government Authorities, Mining and Exploration companies, Cartographers, Geographers, Utilities and Educational Institutions.
Enforcer is available for all MicroStation supported platforms. It is certified for MicroStation 95, SE, J, V8 and XM and PowerDraft.

Enforcer or EnforcerDraft?

Enforcer  is the top-of-the-range model that has the complete set of functions, including:

EnforcerDraft includes the drawing, checking and correction functions required by the drafting professional, including:

Enforcer is "feature-driven drafting."  Maps and engineering drawings each contain features. A feature is a depiction of a real world object drawn at a reduced scale. Feature-driven drafting enables CAD/CAM users to comprehensively define the attributes of design features, select the feature by name from a menu in MicroStation, and draw the feature, confident of quality assurance and compliance with their design standards.

Enforcer completely defines design features. This definition includes level, symbology, scale, element type and associated drawing tool. All of this information is part of the feature, including its name such as "electrical conduit" or "contour text". This information means each feature has inherent "intelligence," which can be used to analyse design features, correct them, or convert them between differing design standards. Features can be viewed and plotted topologically and designs can be quickly scaled for varying plots.

Enforcer enables users to interrogate design files at all stages of production to ensure compliance with design standards. Enforcer compiles an exhaustive diagnosis of designs, pointing out features which need correction or granting the design its "seal of approval." Entire design sub-directories can be interrogated, corrected or converted in the latest software version.

Enforcer interactively maintains drafting standards. This means putting your corporate design standards to work for you, rather than have them remain "passive" in a book somewhere. It means greater productivity for draftpersons, significantly lower demands for plot checking, lower overall plot costs, and quality assured drawings which build corporate integrity. Greater time savings means better margins and more efficient projects...which leads to higher profits and more work...

Put Enforcer to work for your company today!

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